Monday, March 16, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

1.simi's spanish guitar
(beautiful instrument)

2.Deep sea diver mask clock
(just love this clock bought it from a second hand shop)

3.Motorcycle goggles
(keep the wind from my eyes and keeps me looking good at the same time)

4.Antique shop card
(great little shop when its open!)

5.Top Hat
(a gentleman's baseball cap)

6.Wholly irresponsible experiments
(fantastic little book full of crazy experiments for the everyday professor)

7.Leather bound book
(this was the first Christmas present from someone very close to me)

8.Pocket watch
(every gentleman should have a pocket watch)

9.The art of Angelique Houtkamp
(this great book is from one of my favorite artists)

10.By any means DVD
(a modern day around the world in 80 days, fantastic adventure story)

11.Make magazine
(just discovered this magazine full of great little projects to be done from home)

12.Make magazine
(how to build your own box guitar issue, cant wait to make this!)

13.Nose picking for pleasure
(interesting book about the different forms and styles of nose picking)

14.Back in the day
(one of my new books 101 things everyone used to know and do)

15.Around the world in 80 days

16.Wholly irresponsible Exploits
(sequel to wholly irresponsible experiments)

17.Peking to Paris
(my favorite travel dvd, a group of friends set off from Peking in 100 year old cars retracing the steps of the first ever car race that took place in the early 1900)

18.Black books
(very very funny show)

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