Friday, June 5, 2009

Inspirational Costumes/ Trash and Treasure

Sweeney Todd must be one of the best musicals ever written it is a very Black and slightly morbid movie by the genius that is Tim Burton, there isnt much that this director and writer dose that doesn't blow my mind, he just has this thing that is uniquely Tim Burton.

The cloths and sets in this movie are some of the best work l have seen on film, The clothes that Sweeney wears are of much inspiration to me and l must get my assistants to get to work and create me some simmler pieces of beauty.
l have also been spending some time looking around at trash and treasure markets finding lots of cool and steamy things that l will take into my Dream Works Laboratory and create some Steampunk inspired inventions as soon as l can l will post some works in progress on these inventions....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loving being back in a city with culture

l am so happy that l have arrived back in the city of my birth. l love this town l think it is one of the great cities of the world, it might not have the history of some of the other great cities but for music,art dinning,and just beautiful aesthetics it is up there with the best. There is still a lot of the old Victorian styled Melbourne town left, you just have to walk around the city and you can see it everywhere, it would have been an amazing place back in her day. l am so looking forward to my steampunk tram ride dinner that is being planned on the tram car restaurant funnily for the night of my birthday it will be a splendid night. l am also looking forward to seeing some of the beautiful artwork that is on show at the Melbourne Art gallery witch is having a Salvador Dali exhibition next month that is the biggest exhibition of his works to ever be shown in Australia.l will be doing a lot more posts now l am here about the beautiful things my town has to offer..

Monday, April 20, 2009

C W Stoneking is the man

l cant get enough of CW Stoneking at the moment he sounds so good , l think it could be that l am moving back to Melbourne town after so long away and he reminds me of going to the pub on a Sunday arvo and seeing him play...l cant wait to get back there and see all the great things that the city has to offer, the art, music, architecture just everything that l have missed after spending the past couple of years in da country....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dr Who

l have never been a fan of Dr Who actually l use to hate it, l couldn't sand it and l put it up there with MASH in shows l could never get into as much as l would watch them because everyone else did as l was growing up. That was until the latest series of Dr Who began with David Tennant as the good Dr. l find it an amazing show now, it really has taken a big step forward for me in the way it is shot. The visual nature of the latest series is fantastic l cant get enough of the costumes and the sets are just amazing, it really has blended the past and future together in the way that l think it would look like..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The forgotten genius of Nikola Tesla

The forgotten genius of Nikola Tesla, this man should be remembered like the greats of science and invention , Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison but for some reason his genius has been forgotten, if you asked someone one on the the street who invented AC power they wouldn't have a clue, l find that somewhat strange considering it was probably the most important invention of the modern world and he was the greatest of all inventors of all time...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Experimental instruments

l found this amazing experimental instrument maker Tim Kaiser last night when l was watching make TV on you tube, he makes experimental musical instruments from scavenged objects that he finds, they are just truly amazing.
l wish to also make weird and wonderful musical instruments one day soon (when l move back to the city and can access what l need and find a work shop) l hope you enjoy this little video.

Monday, March 16, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

1.simi's spanish guitar
(beautiful instrument)

2.Deep sea diver mask clock
(just love this clock bought it from a second hand shop)

3.Motorcycle goggles
(keep the wind from my eyes and keeps me looking good at the same time)

4.Antique shop card
(great little shop when its open!)

5.Top Hat
(a gentleman's baseball cap)

6.Wholly irresponsible experiments
(fantastic little book full of crazy experiments for the everyday professor)

7.Leather bound book
(this was the first Christmas present from someone very close to me)

8.Pocket watch
(every gentleman should have a pocket watch)

9.The art of Angelique Houtkamp
(this great book is from one of my favorite artists)

10.By any means DVD
(a modern day around the world in 80 days, fantastic adventure story)

11.Make magazine
(just discovered this magazine full of great little projects to be done from home)

12.Make magazine
(how to build your own box guitar issue, cant wait to make this!)

13.Nose picking for pleasure
(interesting book about the different forms and styles of nose picking)

14.Back in the day
(one of my new books 101 things everyone used to know and do)

15.Around the world in 80 days

16.Wholly irresponsible Exploits
(sequel to wholly irresponsible experiments)

17.Peking to Paris
(my favorite travel dvd, a group of friends set off from Peking in 100 year old cars retracing the steps of the first ever car race that took place in the early 1900)

18.Black books
(very very funny show)