Friday, June 5, 2009

Inspirational Costumes/ Trash and Treasure

Sweeney Todd must be one of the best musicals ever written it is a very Black and slightly morbid movie by the genius that is Tim Burton, there isnt much that this director and writer dose that doesn't blow my mind, he just has this thing that is uniquely Tim Burton.

The cloths and sets in this movie are some of the best work l have seen on film, The clothes that Sweeney wears are of much inspiration to me and l must get my assistants to get to work and create me some simmler pieces of beauty.
l have also been spending some time looking around at trash and treasure markets finding lots of cool and steamy things that l will take into my Dream Works Laboratory and create some Steampunk inspired inventions as soon as l can l will post some works in progress on these inventions....